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Photo taken by the lovely Kandace of Kandy Rae Photography

My name is Julie.  I own and operate J Nack Photography. I have been capturing memories since 2011. I have the honor of being a wife to my awesome husband for the last 14 years. We have three beautiful children, who are 10, 8 and 5. When we aren’t working, our family enjoys camping, boating, fishing, MN Twins games, and naps…………oh wait, that last one is just me. 😉

I have a greater appreciation for photos and the memories they provide because I lost a sister when I was 11 (she was 2) and a brother when he was 17 (in 2004). If I hadn’t gotten married in 2003, my family would have NEVER had a professional family photo taken. I couldn’t even tell you when we had a family photo snapshot taken, other than one I can recall that was taken a few months before I lost my sister. It’s important to capture life’s moments as they happen because you never know when they will be gone.

“Tomorrow isn’t a guarantee. Capture today.”  -Julie Nack